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“They turned my 60 year old cracked and beat up driveway into a beautiful piece of work .” 

“Walter and his crew always showed up when they​ said they would, worked extremely hard, and did very precise, clean work.” 

“All of our neighbors have noticed the great sidewalk that he installed and have asked for his contact information."


Walter, his son and Samuel and all the crew at Seattle Eastside Pavers were excellent to work with and did everything they promised, and more. I have to say that my project was large and somewhat fluid as I changed the design and added to the scope of work as we progressed. The house is a typical Wallingford house, built in 1922, on a small hill, 6 or 7 feet above the street, with the old two concrete path driveway to a garage in the back. I built a brick patio with railroad tie retaining walls in the back yard when I bought this investment property 25 years ago. I also did a lot of other remodeling and updating work on the house back then. The place has been continuously occupied as a rental for 25 years and it needed some love, again. The steep yard in front was weed infested, the parking strip similarly unattractive except for two nice trees. The driveway concrete paths were broken and it was a mud puddle in winter. The brick patio needed serious tuck pointing, at minimum and the timber retaining walls were rotted. Originally there was a concrete retaining wall between the property and the northern neighbor. Years ago, we replaced about 2/3 of that wall with a block retaining wall.

For SEP, the entire project included removal of the front concrete steps and walkway to the front porch, the two driveway concrete paths, the backyard brick patio and timber retaining wall and last 50' of concrete retaining wall between my property and my northern neighbor. Walter and his crew created a beautiful new retaining wall in the front yard at the sidewalk (eliminating the steep yard), block stairs and a paver walkway to the front porch. They created a paver driveway which flows beautifully to the new front yard stairs and walls. The paver driveway now flows seamlessly into the new paver patio. The patio is surrounded on two sides by a new 3' high retaining wall into which they built a little stairway into the raised bed planting areas. They replaced the old concrete retaining wall between my northern neighbors and I with a block wall to match that which my neighbor and I had partially replaced years ago. Finally, in the parking strip in front of the house, Walter and crew placed 2' x 2' pavers. I now have a beautiful and extremely low maintenance, landscaped and hard-scaped property that receives complements daily! I will post pictures soon to show the extent of the work. (Just to give an idea of the scope of this very large job, total cost was approximately $52,000. It was a very complicated job, and quoted at much higher prices by others.)

As much as I love the results of the work Walter and Samuel and their crew did, the best part of the project was getting to work with them. They are great people! Walter gave me quotes for the work up front, and they were very competitively priced. I got quotes from 3 companies for the initial scope of work. Because my project wasn't entirely designed at the start, he gave me prices per square foot for pavers or walls, as well as linear foot prices for cap stone on walls, in case my final design ended up being larger or smaller than we estimated originally.

There was no designer involved other than me and Walter's crew, who know what they are doing. We worked with only a few drawings done by me, which were more suggestions than final designs. Using these few sketches, or nothing at all, I talked it through with Walter, his son or Samuel, working as the project progressed always arriving at a design that would work. And, there were MANY changes along the way as I learned from them what was possible, and we always found an attractive solution. (In the interest of total truth; this work was done on a rental house in Wallingford that I have owned for 25 years. I live only 5 minutes away and work from home. I was available on short notice for consultations with Walter or the others to keep the project going, and to make decisions regarding design ideas / changes. This probably helped keep things moving. Though, if you have a complex, fluid project, meeting only once a day in the morning should be sufficient to keep your project going.)

Walter and his crew always showed up when they said they would, worked extremely hard, and did very precise, clean work. Every day, they left the job site as clean as possible and at the end of the project, left the site cleaner than when they arrived.

Finally, these guys are smart, have a sense of humor and are fun to work with. They are professionals who know their business. They work hard, do high quality work, and it is their clear and stated objective to make every customer happy. Well, they certainly achieved that objective with this customer. I will never look further than Seattle Eastside Pavers for any future work I need done.

I will try to get the leaves cleaned up and post some pictures later this week, because it is beautiful! Thank you Walter and Samuel and the entire SEP crew! - Joe


Walter and the crew of Seattle Eastside Pavers were a dream to work with. Their prices were very competitive and their quality and attention to detail was second to none. They turned my 60 year old cracked and beat up driveway into a beautiful piece of work. It's so nice I don't even want to park my car on it. They were very tidy and easy to work with and I will be using them again for other remodeling projects.


I'm so happy we replaced our walkway with pavers. Walter and his team were great! He was punctual and professional. I was on a time crunch and he got this done in 2 days. Walter was present during the entire project and you can see his pride of workmanship. I thought pavers would be too expensive and was planning to just replace the cracked walkway with the initial cement/concrete...boy was I wrong.

For a little more, the pavers installment made more sense. It makes a great first impression to the entrance of the house and a significant increase in my property value. Thanks Walter!


Walter and his crew did an amazing job with our walkway/patio project. We had a narrow unpaved alley along the side of my house and lots of wasted space on one side of it. It is where all the trash bins sit and It has become a muddy mess and an eyesore. We hired Walter's crew to take all the dirt/debris out and install a walkway. We are super satisfied with the quality of their job. Now our garbage bins have a nice little pad to rest on and we have more usable space in the corner of our backyard.

After observing the process, I find out that:

1) Walter's team work together efficiently to make the job done very quickly. They even shortened the job by one whole day as we were quite lucky to have consecutive clear sky days which helps the prep work before paving.

2) His team are super friendly and very easy to communicate with.

Words don't quite do justice, so I'll post photos later. I would recommend them with high confidence.


Wow, What a contractor! From the moment that we discussed our project all the way through to completion i was impressed with Walter and his crew!

Our project started with getting a very no pressure estimate. He was willing to discuss our options and answered all of our questions. Once we decided to go with Walter he scheduled the work and let us know when he would be starting.

The work that he completed was fast and of very high quality! All of our neighbors have noticed the great sidewalk that he installed and have asked for his contact information. If we ever need more paver work, he will be the only person we call.


My experience with Seattle Eastside Pavers is probably 4.5 stars but I opted for a 4 stars so others who read this review can do a better job than I did with working with Seattle Eastside Pavers to get a 5 stars experience. For the pavers work specifically I rate it as 5 stars. Walter and Samuel work on the pavers is excellent and there is nothing I would change. I am very happy with patio build by them and it was exactly what we needed and they finished on time.

Where it fall short of expectation was my project involved creating a box for a sump pump and the box cover finish wasn't as good as expected which I had to rebuild. This is the result of poor communication on both side and I will be the first to admit I could do a better job as well. There were also hiccups along the way that could have been avoided if there was proper communication.

Overall for next project involving pavers I would definitely reach out to Seattle Eastside Pavers again but would communicate better my requirements.


We had a very steep driveway with a large hump at the top, and we had a fairly ugly walkway with a lot of landscaping that wasn't functional, Walter, Teresa and their crew proposed a great solution to meet our needs.

Ultimately it was a significant project and they worked hard to accomplish our needs. They've added tremendous curb appeal. They're great to work with, and went above and beyond.

I'm now tempted to call them and have my backyard redone!

Amazing team.


I obtained multiple quotes for stamped concrete and pavers for a patio and fire pit. Walter and his crew were not the lowest but seemed to grasp my visuon the beat amd did fast excellent work. extremely happy w the results and consultative approach. im aure they will be my firat call if i need more work done!


I decided not to go through with my project, but Seattle Eastside Pavers was very professional, stopped by right on time and had a quote out within hours. I will be calling them in the future for any work I plan to do. I also looked though their pictures and really like the quality of work they do.


Walter & crew (his sons - a family business) were fantastic for our modest driveway project (remove existing concrete slab, install permeable pavers). He is very responsive to email & quickly provided a highly competitive quote. He was able to start the project very quickly & came in on time & budget. We are delighted with the results. He's also a very nice guy who deserves your business! Highly recommended.
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